In Malay, the word “suara” means voice. As The SEACEN Centre is strategically positioned geographically, and thematically, at a confluence of all our 19 Member Central Banks and Monetary Authorities, this blog, Suara SEACEN, seeks to provide insights into topical issues from a staff perspective.  That being said, the views expressed here are those of the authors, and are not necessarily those of The SEACEN Centre or its 19 member central banks and monetary authorities.

We strive to publish high-quality articles that are relevant to the Centre’s core purposes, span the full range of the Centre’s activities and showcase the Centre’s analytical and research capabilities. 

The content we feature is meant to foster debate, can sometimes challenge internal or external received wisdoms, and allow space for unorthodox or new approaches.  Overall, Suara SEACEN is part of the Centre, advertising what we do, publicising and disseminating our analytical and research output and confirming its role as a thought-leader in the region. We are also inviting staff members from our member central banks/monetary authorities, visiting researchers, and partners to send in articles to be published on Suara SEACEN. 

If you are interested to know more, or to contribute to this effort, please email